Advertise at the Gateway to Vancouver Island through our Chamber of Commerce Information Centres

Bring 90K+ Visitors, Members, And Locals To Your Business First

Our Advertising Pricing Emphasizes the Value of
Chamber Membership
Exposure to over 3.3+ Million People Annually

Our Gateway Information Centre has modern washrooms, picnic and green space which is utilized 24-hours a day by thousands of visitors.

Our Visitor Centre locations are managed by a permanent full time Manager of Visitor Services and staffed by Tourism BC Certified Volunteer Visitor Counsellors who are knowledgeable about the region and have a passion for our community. They take great pride in counselling and providing information to our many visitors and newcomers.

Direct Sales - From Us to You

Our volunteers and staff make direct reservations to various accommodations and attraction providers throughout Vancouver Island. This means that visitors are not reading brochures and recycling them – they are coming right to our members. We charge a 10% commission for this valued service.

Option 1
Brochure Racking at Sidney & Patricia Bay Visitor Centres

Brochure Racking – Included with your Chamber Membership

Brochures are racked year round.
Please Note: There is a 10% commission charged for reservations made by our staff.

Option 2
Indoor Display Space at Patricia Bay Visitor Centre

Wall displays and digital media catch the attention of visitors.

Within the Pat Bay Visitor Centre we offer placement of large (24” x 36”) or small (18” x 24”) posters.


lndoor advertising is displayed for one-year from the date of purchase

Option 3
Washroom Facility Advertising

Our clean and modern washroom facilities offer a great opportunity to inform visitors of local attractions. Take advantage of the over 3.3 million travelers driving by annually.

Rates are the same as OPTION 2 with a display in each of the men’s/women’s facilities.

Option 4
Outdoor Display Space Architecturally Designed Kiosks with Lighting

Our picnic tables and green space is strategically located on either side of these kiosks.

Our ‘Rest Stop’ is utilized by tens of thousands of people who are seeking
information, having lunch, using the restrooms, walking the dog or simply resting.

Our lighted outdoor signage kiosks are architecturally designed and offer incredible value when compared to other advertising opportunities. When you advertise with us you get thousands of impressions every day, 365 days per year (including at night).

There is Value in Membership

All advertising material is subject to review and approval by the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee prior to publication on our advertising channels. We reserve the right to refuse advertising if, in our opinion, the advertising does not meet our standards of acceptance. Please refer to our website for our Advertising Standards and Guidelines.