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The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit, membership driven organization that protects and lobbies for the rights of businesses on the Saanich Peninsula.

Founded in 1912, the Chamber’s main focus through the century has been advocating on behalf of its members to ensure a stable, favourable, and fair business working climate. The Chamber is uniquely positioned to support and represent peninsula businesses and their owners. We are a member funded organization with a focus on supporting businesses on the Saanich Peninsula.

The worldwide Chamber network has been working hard sustaining business interests since 1599, with the first Canadian chamber registered in 1750. Through the Saanich Peninsula Chamber, you are connected to the world’s largest business network, bringing awareness to your interests locally, provincially, federally, and internationally.

Joining the local chamber provides four core benefits for every member:

Advocacy – We focus on safeguarding your business environment. Working with municipal leaders to ensure that favourable business bylaws and laws are created and maintained.
Accountability – We hold leaders, communities, and other business organizations accountable to create a thriving business culture.
Awareness – We raise public and private awareness for businesses, issues, and statistics.
Community – We bring our members together to support each other through events, awards, socials, and training.

The chamber also provides consolidated services to our members, saving you money on things like group insurance, point of sale systems, and supplies.

If you see the value in aligning with other business owners to create an amazing business climate on the Saanich Peninsula, please join us.

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Member2Member Benefits

We are proud to offer the member 2 member discount program to all of the members of the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. The program allows members to provide discounted services and deals to other members and support our community.

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Annual Membership Fees (12 months):

1 – 4 employees $320 plus GST

5 – 19 employees $375 plus GST

20 + employees $500 plus GST

Membership fees can be paid monthly for a small administrative fee by contacting our office at 250 656 3616

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