Our Vision & Mission

The Vision of the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce is to be recognized as a leader in the International Chamber Movement and known for making the Saanich Peninsula the best environment for sustainable business.

The Mission of the Saanich Peninsula Chamber is to make a positive difference for its members by providing a voice and services that shape the environment for business.

About the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, is the voice of business on the peninsula. As the peninsula’s senior business organization, the Chamber leads by supporting economic development and business interests, and by building strategic relationships between the business community and its stakeholders. The Chamber serves over 300 members, offering a variety of tangible benefits that include cost-savings measures, marketing, tourism and public relations opportunities, and workshops, training and seminars.

Formally defined, a Chamber of Commerce acts as the conscience and the will of the business community it serves. It is a coordinator which draws on all the human resources available and puts them to work for the general good. Specifically The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce is an action-oriented, not-for-profit business organization, over 300 strong, that exists to meet the needs of the business community – you! You are the Chamber of Commerce – your ideas, your drive, your goals, your volunteerism – your participation – are what make the Chamber work for you.

The Chamber’s affairs are governed by a volunteer board of directors, elected by the membership.